Concussion Care & Baseline Testing

The first, and by far the most important step in properly managing concussions actually comes before the injury happens. Actually, before the season even starts! A “baseline” test is a test that is done BEFORE a concussion happens.

The purpose of a baseline test is to measure every area of brain function, which could become affected following a concussion. This way, if an athlete does get a concussion, we can compare their post-injury state to their baseline parameters to help make an accurate diagnosis, as well as to establish when they are fully healthy and are safe to return to their sport. Without these baseline parameters we have no way of determining when the brain has fully recovered.

The initial concussion is generally not a large concern, especially since our certified practitioners are highly trained to treat and manage these injuries. However, it is a second concussion, sustained prior to full recovery of the initial concussion, that is a cause for concern as this may result in long term brain damage or other larger consequences. Ensuring every athlete has a baseline test done before their season starts is the first step in decreasing the greater risk of concussions.

Professional sports organizations have been undergoing pre-season baseline testing for years, however comprehensive testing of this magnitude has never been available to youth and amateur sports associations; partly because most healthcare practitioners are not sure where to start.

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