Orthopedic Bracing

ProActive Physiotherapy offers Orthopedic Bracing.

Bracing is a clinical field involving the application of External braces to existing limbs from head to toe. Braces are used to give extra support to the desired limb.

ProActive offers off the shelf, ready to use sports and general orthopedic bracing as well as custom fit Don Joy knee bracing. The Don Joy Defiance custom knee brace (video) has long been the benchmark for both prophylactic, post-injury and post-operative knee rehabilitation, especially as it relates to ACL bracing. From the NHL to your local soccer pitch, Don Joy's proven track record may be the difference maker to keeping you in the game! Take a moment to look at the Don Joy website and make your appointment with ProActive Physiotherapy today! (*Side note* Have your custom brace fitted prior to surgery to obtain typical measurements, as post surgical atrophy may alter fit characteristics)

Common prescribed braces provided by ProActive Physiotherapy include:

All of these great braces can be fitted and provided at ProActive Physiotherapy! Contact us with any further questions!

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