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Justin Whittle
Thursday, 10 August 2017

We Know ... Occupational Therapy

What works at work?

Is your neck or lower back hurting you while reading this? Have you been injured at work? You might need an occupational therapist! Physiotherapists and owners Justin and Chris want to take a moment to talk occupational therapy and how it can help you (and your business) work smarter. 

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Justin Whittle
Wednesday, 09 August 2017

We Know ... Ergonomics

Sitting Pretty 

 This is not a medieval torture device.

It’s an office chair!

This is one of many styles of ergonomic office chairs, and it’s designed to improve your posture at your desk. Justin and Chris, physiotherapists and co-owners of ProActive, want you to take sitting seriously. 

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Justin Whittle
Thursday, 17 November 2016

We Know ... Massage

Can a Massage Make You A Better Runner?

As the temperature drops and the leaves start to fall, you know what we start thinking about?Running! Just ask head honchos Chris and Justin;

Rare breed


Chris: As we’ve talked about before we know runners are a different breed; no aches and pains, no weather, not much at all will keep them from getting in their miles.


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