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We Know ... Clarenville

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Youth in Clarenville are enjoying winter!

A lot can stand in the way between youth and physical activity in this province – especially in the winter. But there are programs available to get people off their seats and get moving. If there’s anything ProActive head honchos, Chris and Justin know, it’s physical activity, so they were thrilled when they found out YouthTube - Community Youth Network, near their Clarenville location, was getting youth out and on the go!

YOUTHTUBE - Clarenville Youth Network


We always like to get to know the communities we’re a part of, so while doing a little research when opening one of our newest locations in Clarenville we were excited to come across YouthTube - Clarenville Youth Network. It’s a not-for-profit organization that provides programs and services to youth, many of which are focused on physical activity, both indoors and out!

The benefits of nature


Not-for-profit organizations, like YouthTube, have mandates to provide programming for youth in their areas, but without funding and partnerships, those programs would not exist. For the snowshoeing club, investments from Recreation NL, discounts on the gear from Clarenville business Mercer’s Marine, and efforts of the ParticipACTION Teen Challenge, led to YouthTube purchasing nine sets of snowshoes to get their program started.



There are so many studies linking physical and mental health to the outdoors (like this one), not only for exercise, but for just being outdoors, enjoying nature. This is exactly what’s happening with the snowshoeing program, which started Jan. 21, and ends in mid-March. The YouthTube snowshoe club does snowshoe hikes on Saturdays during the winter. It’s currently aimed at youths aged 12 and up, but based on its success this winter, next year they’re looking to expand the program to include participants to kids over eight.



The Participaction teen challenge was initiated to break down barriers that exist between youth and physical activity, which fits the mandate of YouthTube, who are all about doing just that!





ParticipACTION also has an online reference called the Canadian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Youth (). It gives an estimate of the amount of time young people should have high-impact physical activity, light physical activity, sleep and sedentary behaviour, in a 24 hour day.

TWEETABLE - How many hours a day does your teen spend in front of a screen? Check out the daily guidelines from ParticipACTION.

Being active prevents injury


And of course, being active can prevent injury … even in youth! We focus on injury prevention with our sports massage service, which for anyone participating in any kind of sport, is important. It can also lead to a reduction in muscle strain, and permits young people to reach their full potential in competitive sports.


b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngIf you are interested in joining the YouthTube snowshoeing club, contact Executive Director, Roxanne Green at (709) 466-7711. There are nine sets of snowshoes available, but if a teen has their own snowshoes, they are welcome to bring those along on the Saturday treks.




And when you can’t get outside and get moving, get in touch! Our Clarenville location at 105 Manitoba Dr. in the Medical Arts Building, has studio fitness memberships and personal training packages available through our gym, Strive Express Fitness, to keep you moving in any weather!



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