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Holy crow, we continue to grow!

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We’re just getting bigger … and better, to help you create a ProActive plan for Prevention and Wellness - no matter where in the province you live or what services you need to live a healthy life. Our head honchos Justin Whittle and Chris Cluett are here to give you the lowdown on our loco last year and two new locations!

Can’t stop, won’t stop

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngProActive has opened two new locations in the last year, which isn’t big news. We’ve opened 10 in total since we opened our doors in Atlantic Place on Water Street.

But these two new locations are different than anything we’ve ever done before!
Just before the end of 2015 we told you about two new locations we opened in last year and the other services we added - from dietetics to our first STRIVE studio gym.

Where we’re coming from

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngAt the time Justin said, “This year we opened two new locations; Holyrood in March and St. Anthony in June. That makes eight locations for us after only 11 years in business,” is what Justin wrote then.
As we’re moving into 2016, we’re looking back on another year and the huge accomplishment of opening another two locations.

And these two … they are special.  

Continuum of care

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngIn mid-September we opened a location in Clarenville in the Medical Arts Building.

For us, it was a whole different perspective on how to provide the best integrated healthcare.
Also working in the building are four full-time family physicians, another Strive Fitness location, and our full service physio, massage, and occupational therapy clinic.

The clinic allows for regular communication between the doctors and our health care providers so we can give really comprehensive care to the patients there.
The patients in the Clarenville area can see their doctors, who can refer them to our services if needed. Then from physio, an injured person looking to keep up their strength and flexibility can use our personal trainings services at Strive.

The docs have been very supportive and progressive, we really feel like we’re all working together to change the lives and health of people who live in the Clarenville area.  

Crossing the streams

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngClarenville was such an amazing experiment that we decided to replicate it … in Mount Pearl!

We were opening a new clinic and decided to hire a family doctor to work there. We created a layout where everything is in the same space. We share a lunchroom, a receptionist, our full resources are combined for the health of our clients.

We give our clients a quick crossover from seeing a doctor to being referred to us for rehabilitation, to moving on to a healthy lifestyle at another Strive location, but more importantly, we are all more aware of what everyone else’s jobs are, and how we can mix and match disciplines to provide the best care.
There’s still space for a few more doctors and there are a few new graduates thinking about joining us in the new year.

From head to toes

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngSo yeah, we’re thrilled to have opened two new locations because it means success and growth and we can hire more people, and do more for our community. But for our team, and for Chris and I, these new partnerships mean our clients have the best, most comprehensive health care and that’s worth crowing about.

If you need a family doctor, a physiotherapist, a massage, or even a new gym, you can join us in Mount Pearl or Clarenville and we’ll be sure to take care of all of it. Sign up for our newsletter and get all the news about ProActive - from all our locations.

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Justin has a passion for physiotherapy, which is why he partnered to create ProActive Physiotherapy. He’s since taken on a business role, but still likes to work with patients on a regular basis.


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