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Evan Woodford: Holyrood’s triple threat!

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Volunteer firefighter and fire inspector at the Holyrood Fire Department, fire protection technologist with K&D Pratt, and FireFit competitor, Evan Woodford is a triple threat!
Evan reached out, so we donated funds to help a team of four members from the Holyrood Volunteer Fire Department to participate in the FireFit Challenge in PEI last July.

Co-owners and registered physiotherapists, Chris and Justin, spoke to Evan to find out about the results and what he does to keep competition ready.

Community Spirit

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngEvan came to us looking for a donation for the FireFit Challenge because his wife was a client, and he saw how we were involved in the community on our Facebook page. We often like and share posts related to the Holyrood Fire Department and other organizations in the Town of Holyrood because we are proud to serve the people there and in the surrounding areas.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngThe FireFit Challenge hits on a couple of points for us here at ProActive. It's obviously a huge community asset to have a volunteer fire department, and we're very fitness and health focused.

The FireFit Challenge

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngThe FireFit Challenge consists of relays and tasks based on real-life firefighting scenarios. The FireFit Relay for example, or the Dummy Drag which simulates dragging 175 pound person from a burning structure. Evan has now competed in two FireFit Challenges, one here in St. John’s and the other in PEI.

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and the most rewarding,” Evan says.

The toughest two minutes in sports

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngWe asked Evan about the impact the FireFit Challenge has had on his everyday work as a volunteer firefighter in Holyrood, over the past four years.

“Fire fighting and fitness go hand in hand - the more physically fit you are, the better chances you have of helping someone else and the better chances you have of not getting hurt.
FireFit is a huge commitment on our part, to prepare and train for the event. It’s true what they say, it certainly is the toughest two minutes in sports,” Evan says. “We’re very thankful for ProActive’s  willingness to help us out with the expenses that come with competing!”

Fit tips from the triple threat

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngSo, we had to ask Evan for his personal tips to stay on top of his game.

“Keep up on your physical fitness. Mental fitness and physical fitness go hand in hand, so stay on top of your mental health, and eating healthy is a must!”

Fitting fitness into everyday

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngManaging your physical fitness is, of course, a large part of injury prevention which firefighters need to keep in mind each and every day on the job and your overall fitness is something we know well here at ProActive! From exercise plans to acupuncture, we offer a full list of services at our many locations, to keep you at the peak of your health and fitness.

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