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Change from within ... Bay Roberts

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Chris and Justin, our head honchos, are big fans of starting with tiny steps to make a big impact. So they thought they’d chat about making change around the ProActive brand and how a fellow athlete helped them do it.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngChris and I have a lot of responsibilities with the business. We’ve got 11 locations and we’re still both full-time physiotherapists. When we opened gyms in a few of our locations, especially the large one in Bay Roberts, we knew we were in for some big changes.   

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngChange is never easy. You’ve got to make a habit of it and recognize the value and long term plan or else you’ll get bogged down in the day-to-day. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngWe hired someone to help and haven’t looked back. Meet Paul Fitzgerald, our new Recruitment and Development specialist. He’s going to tell us about making lasting change in our routines.  

Strive for more

Thanks for the awesome introduction guys! I have more than 30 years in the fitness and wellness fields, I know all about making changes and sticking to them!


Where success comes from

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngSo why did you choose us anyway?

One of the reasons I was thrilled to join the ProActive team was the opportunity to make real change in people’s lives and the focus on active-therapy and how that matches my own passion for fitness and continued health after recovery and rehabilitation.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngAs we mentioned, change is hard, but can you tell us about one of your success stories when it comes to making change in a client’s life?

As a personal trainer I helped a client lose 103 lbs and 47 inches.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngThat’s incredible! 

What’s better is that was 12 years ago and she’s kept it off! Every time I run into her she says the same two things: how much she still hates me (jokingly, of course) for the daily grind in the gym and, shortly after, how she loves me a 100 times as much because the hard work has allowed her to live a very productive, active, and healthy life ever since.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngBut even that client had to start slow right?

 "Everyone looking to make big changes has to start somewhere. It’s not an easy process, especially when you’re talking about those kinds of results. But it’s essential that you start on the path to a healthier life."


Keeping momentum

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngYour success story sounds so much like many of our own at ProActive! Motivation is a tough thing to keep going for your clients. So what about you Paul? How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
Right now, I’m doing four spin classes each week and my family picks at me about going to the gym sometimes twice a day, but it’s my passion. My most valued possession is my health and in my career I’ve probably asked 18,000 people how important their health is to them. Every single one of them says it’s very important, so it’s important to me to help them find their passion to maintain their health too.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngThanks for sharing your passion for change and your stories with us Paul.  

Change for the better

b2ap3_thumbnail_Justin.pngAbsolutely! Our team at ProActive and at Strive know how to help you make a change, whether you're trying to lose weight or get stronger to avoid injuries.
b2ap3_thumbnail_Chris.pngWant to make a change? Book an appointment online for one of our 11 locations, and we’ll get you on track for a pain-free tomorrow or sign up for our newsletter to learn more about how to make healthy changes to your life!

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Justin has a passion for physiotherapy, which is why he partnered to create ProActive Physiotherapy. He’s since taken on a business role, but still likes to work with patients on a regular basis.


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