April Neary

Physiotherapy Aide/Administrative Support

April is a physiotherapy aide and has taken on more and more administrative responsibility since joining us in 2009. She helps run our entire client management system and manages accounts receivable. She loves the administration so much, she’s moving into that role permanently.

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Ashley Drake


Ashley is ProActive's resident expert in custom knee braces. She works with the IceCaps and is the best person to go to for custom foot orthotics.

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Jessica Murphy

Massage Therapist

Jessica is currently training for sports massage therapy, but she can give a great massage to our non-athletic clients too.

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Thelma Hardy

Senior Physiotherapist Consultant

Thelma is a senior physiotherapist, who works with us as a consultant; splitting her time between our Aberdeen location and Eastern Health. She’s the one we go to with a challenging case.

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Lesley Ann Woolgar

Operations Manager

Lesley Ann has been on the move from clinic to clinic since 2005 when she joined us - but that’s her job. As operations and human resources manager, she makes sure we’re running smoothly.

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Justin Whittle

Physiotherapist/Financial Controller

Justin has a passion for physiotherapy, which is why he partnered to create ProActive Physiotherapy. He’s since taken on a business role, but still likes to work with patients on a regular basis.

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